Delhi Development Authority(DDA)

The Development Authority was created in 1957 under the provisions of the Delhi Development Act"to promote and secure the development of Delhi ". DDA has played a vital role in the orderly-yet-rapid development of Delhi. The city has become the residence of choice for more than 11 million people and this number continues to increase.

  • DDA commenced its housing activities in 1967 and has played a crucial role in providing more than a million houses to the people of Delhi, housing about half the population of the national capital.
  • DDA has been constructing houses in Delhi according to the requirements and purchasing capacity of different strata of society.
  • DDA, from time to time, has been announcing schemes through newspapers and advertisements for various categories of flats.
  • Till Jan 2007, DDA has allotted a total of 3,67,724 flats (including the re-allotment of surrendered and cancelled flats). About half the allotments are to weaker sections of society and to those belonging to low income groups.
  • Flats allotted by the DDA are provided with essential services like electricity, water and sewage disposal, besides other infrastructural facilities required to make them habitable.
  • Till Jan 2013, DDA has announced 44 housing registration schemes for the benefit of the people and allotment of houses has been made to registrants of all 44 scheme out of above housing scheme i.e. DDA Housing Scheme-2010 is alive as on day Jan,2013.

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DDA New Housing Scheme March 2019

DDA New Housing Scheme

Registration Start 25 March 2019
Total Flat Number 18000

Flat Details


  1. HIG (3/2 Bedroom )-450
  2. MIG (2 Bedroom)-1550
  3. LIG(1 Bedroom)-8300
  4. EWS Category :-7700


  1. Vasant Kunj and Narela

Toll Free Number

    DDA New Housing Scheme Rohini 2018

    Location Flat Category Flat Cost(Lacs) Area Numbers of Flats
    Rohini Sector 34 & 35 One bed room 14.37 33.290 to 33.853 2000
    Narela One bed room 13.81 to 14.07 33.251 to 33.851 3000
    Siraspur One bed room 18.04

    DDA Housing Scheme 25000 flats

    DDA Updates

    The last date of submission extended to 15th Oct

    Based on 2010 DDA scheme, the probability of getting in the lottery should be 1/50 to 1/70. Let me take 1/70. It means you'll need to apply 70 applications to get one flat. It means that if you and your spouse apply then you improve your chances of getting the flat to 1/35.

    The flats though of poor quality should be at least 50% cheaper than the market rate plus no hassle of suspicious property.

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