MP Housing Board, 37 Flats Available in Bhopal Starting 41 Lacs

Project Name: 
Dwarka Parisar Scheme

Madhya Pradesh Housing Board

MP Housing Board has invited applications for 37 HIG multi-storey flats at different floors in Dwarka Parisar Bhopal near AIIMS.There are 27 HIG type A and 10 HIG type B flats under the scheme. The scheme is located at a prime location in Bhopal.

How To Apply

The applications for the scheme are being invited through both online and offline modes. The application forms for the online submission can be filled on website of MP housing board along with the registration cost of Rs. 500/- and the booking amount of flat. For offline applications, the interested applicants can visit any Axis Bank branch in Bhopal and purchase the application form and submit there only.

The booking amount for the flats is 10% of the total cost of flat. The cost of HIG Type B flats is Rs. 41.30 Lakh with an area of 92.68 Sq Mtr while the cost of Type A flat is 56.30 Lakh with an area of 126.54 Sq Mtr.

For more details, please download the Brochure.

Last date of the registration for the scheme is 14th February 2015

Project Features
Cost Per Sq. Feet Rs.: 
2, 3
Minimum Floor Size: 
998 sq. feet
Starting Range: 
Rs. 41 Lakhs
6 story
Project Address

State Location:

Project Address: 

Ownership Type:

Last Date: 
Saturday, February 14, 2015

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