RHB, 11 MIG Flats Available @ 40Lacs in Kota

Project Name: 
Kunhadhi Housing Scheme

Rajasthan Housing Board

Rajasthan Housing Board has launched new housing schemes for EWS, LIG and MIG flats in different localities of Udaipur, Bhilawara, Gulabpura, Dungarpur, Chittorgarh, Jodhpur, Nagaur, Jaipur, Mahala, Churu, Bharatpur, Nainwa, Beawar and Anta. The housing board is offering a total of 2037 flats under the new schemes.

Registration for the scheme started on 15th October and the last date of registration is 14th November, 2014.

Details of scheme are as follows:-


Name of Scheme


Number of Flats

Closing Date

1. Udaipur, South Extension MIG-B (G+3) 64

14th November, 2014

2. Udaipur,Salumber Scheme EWS 5
MIG-B 10
  Bhilawara Suwana Scheme MIG-A 50
  Gulabpura Scheme LIG 6
  Dungarpur Shivaji Nagar Scheme LIG 23
MIG-A 24
  Dungarpur Sagwara Scheme MIG-B 6
  Dungarpur Pratappur Scheme MIG-B 23
HIG 32
  Chittorgarh Nimbahera Atal NagarYojna MIG-A Duplex 48
MIG-B Duplex 19
3. Gulabpura Scheme MIG-A 6
  Dungarpur, Banswara, Shastri Nagar Scheme MIG-A 32
  Chittorgarh Nimbahera Atal Nagar Yojna HIG Duplex 21
4. Jodhpur Circle-II, Jodhpur Park Apartment block-I HIG (B+S+9) 22
MIG-B (B+S+9) 114
5. Jodhpur Circle-I, Jodhpur, KBS Pali Road EWS (G+3) 240
LIG (G+3) 112
6. Jodhpur Circle-I, Jodhpur Vivek Vihar Scheme MIG-A (G+3) 112
MIG-B (G+3) 56
7. Dr.Bhimrov Ambedkar , Scheme, Nagaur Scheme MIG-A 85
MIG-B 100
HIG 25
8. Old Housing Scheme, Hanumangarh MIG-B 30
9. New Housing Scheme (Manaksar) Suratgarh HIG 20
10. Pratap Apartment Sector 29 Pratap Nagar, Jaipur HIG-I 51
11. Pratap Apartment Sector 29 Pratap Nagar, Jaipur MIG-B 13
12. Chenab Apartments Sector -28 Pratap Nagar , Jaipur MIG-A (G+3) 240
13. Mahala Housing Scheme LIG (G+3) 304
14. S.T.C. Housing Scheme, Bharatpur HIG (Independent Housing) 04
15. Kunhadhi Housing Scheme, Kota MIG (S+6) 11
16. Anta Housing Scheme, Anta MIG-B (Independent Housing) 2
HIG (Independent Housing) 6
17. Nainwa Housing Scheme, Nainwa MIG-A (Independent Housing) 17
LIG (Independent Housing) 02
18. Gadi Thorian Scheme, Beawar MIG-B 23
HIG 20
19. Churu Housing Scheme MIG-A 08
MIG-B 10
HIG 28

For more details download the Brochure.


Housing Authority:

Project Features
Cost Per Sq. Feet Rs.: 
Minimum Floor Size: 
1,066 sq. feet
Starting Range: 
Rs. 40 Lakhs
3 story
Project Address

City Location:

State Location:

Project Address: 

Ownership Type:

Last Date: 
Friday, November 14, 2014

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